Our Playroom

I’ll be the first to admit…we have a lot of toys.

Especially considering up until recently, we only had one kid.

However, having two (a boy and a girl, three years apart) has proven a whole new challenge. Now we have to have toys for the three year old and the infant AND toys for a  boy and a girl all in one playroom.

Even more challenging is that due to the generosity of our family, Owen has a fabulous (but large) train table and the Mary Jayne  just recently aquired an awesome (but large) play kitchen.

Luckily, we have a house that has two living rooms…so what was once our ‘formal’ living area (read no tv, but had chairs and a sofa that no one used) has now been dubbed the playroom.  I was able to rearrange some things to make room for the new to us kitchen. 

I also came up with a creative way to display all of the artwork Owen has started to bring home from school.  You can see it in the picture above.  I found these cool clip things at Ikea.  You can cut the chains to be any length you want and then use the clips to display the art!  Owen loves to hang his pictures up when he brings them home.  I gave each child a space, even though MJ isn’t bringing home any art yet.  I designated their spaces with picture collages of each of them.  You saw Mary’s earlier in this post. 

And don’t you just love those bins with the animals on them?!  They are from 3 Sprouts and I just had to have them.  I haven’t figured out the best place for them, so for now they sit there on the floor.  I was hoping they would fit in one of our book cases, but they are just a bit too tall.  Maybe I’ll get ambitious and make a window seat/storage shelf spot for them to go into.  You would think, with a husband that works at The Container Store, we could come up with something….

I apologize for the not so great pictures.  We had poor lighting the day I took them, and there is only one floor light in that room.  Another project for another day.


Happy Halloween!

Owen’s class is having a Halloween Party! He wanted to bring a special treat for everyone. Together, we made Ghost Poop goodie bags for his fellow class mates. Just a little something to make the party special! Hope everyone has a fun time trick or treating!

To make these, we bought little favor bags in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby and filled them with mini marshmallows and stapled shut.  I made up my own ‘printable’ with the Ghost Poop poem that I found here and printed onto orange card stock. 

For added fun, I stumbled across a foam ghost kit at Target for $5!  The kit came with sticks and witches hats for the ghosts (why??), but I just used the eyes and foam ghosts to glue onto the tag.  I printed up a clear label that says “Happy Halloween from Owen!” to stick on the bag.  Owen helped me stick on the labels, staple the bags shut, and staple the tags to the bags.  He’s a big fan of the stapler!   He also had a feast on all the marshmallows that fell onto the table during the bagging process. 

And there you go!  Some fun ghost poop for a sweet Halloween treat! 

We’re hoping none of the parents take offense to the potty humor.  It’s just one day of fun!

If you would like to use my ghost poop printable just follow the link.  I added a ghost to the printable in case you can’t find any foam ghosts.  Hobby Lobby didn’t have anytype of ghost – not  foam, stickers, or paper.  The tags fit treat bags which were 3.75″ x 6″.  I’ve left it in Word though so you can probably easiy adjust it to fit your bags.  Enjoy!

Owen’s Curtains

Finally…it only took me three months, but I finally finished making curtains for Owen’s bedroom!


These were made from two separate fabrics found at Ikea.  The Stripes and then just plain white.  They are home decor weight AND to make them even more impenetrable from the sun, I sewed more of the plain white onto the back side, so they are doubly thick. 

These were actually pretty easy to make, just sew the stripes to the white, then sew onto the backing, then I folded over the top about three inches to make a place for the curtain rod to slip into.  It only took me so long because I was intimidated by sewing such a large project AND I have two kids now, one that was a newborn three months ago…


I must say, I’m pretty proud of them.  The green in the stripes is the perfect color to match O’s room and the paint on his walls.  Plus, I managed to get the stripes to match up in the two panels!  How’s that for perfection?!  If you look closely, you’ll see some spots that I had some mishaps on, but I’m not going to show you those.

Burp Cloths

I have a friend having her baby shower tomorrow! And I just finished up a cute little project for her.

I have a hard time finding soft, absorbant burp cloths in the world of baby stuff. Cloth diaper burp cloths aren’t soft and the spit up seems to just roll off. I recently came across some burp cloths at Dillards that were simply made with terry cloth and cotton and are the best burp cloths I’ve ever used (except their ‘washcloth’ size). I told my mom all weekend after we purchased them, I could totally make these…so I did! Only mine are a normal size and I didn’t use terry cloth but some other fun fabrics – flannel, fleece, cotton and seer sucker! I hope they are as soft and absorbant as I want them to be. I also hope she and her baby boy enjoy them!

These two are made from flannel and seer sucker. For a little extra absorbancy I tore apart a cloth diaper and used some of it as ‘batting’ between the two layers.

These two are made from fleece and cotton. I just love the cute owls!! The one with the orange cotton also has some of that cloth diaper in it due to the thinness of the orange cotton. The owls were a heftier cotton, so I didn’t feel the need to use any with them. The fleece is camo! What little boy doesn’t need camo!



Mary’s Bag

Here is the bag I made (with my own imagination and no pattern at all) for Miss Mary Jayne’s stuff for her new world at daycare.

She has to have three changes of clothes and lots of bottles with her every day, so the bag had to be a pretty big size, while also small enough to fit into her cubby at school.

This was my first attempt at making something (besides a blanket or burp cloth) without a pattern to follow at all. It turned out pretty good – on the second attempt. At first it was the biggest bag in the world with the longest handles ever. I mean, crazy big. I thought I had measured well, but adding in the pink for the bottom must have thrown me off. So, I ended up chopping off about six inches off the top, rolling the top down twice and ‘hemming’ it. I also had to re-sew on the handles – at first they were so nicely sewn inside of the bag, now you can see them and the zig zag holding them on…but only if you look closely. 

You can see in the pictures that I was able to do the square bottom again (yay!), I lined the bag in purple fabric (my first time!), and I added a magnetic closure to the bag (also my first time!).  The closure thing worked ok, it’s a sew on magnetic snap by Dritz that instructs you to sewin the groove along the perimiter of the snap…almost impossible unless I guess if you did it by hand, which I did not.  Or maybe there’s some special machine foot Ishould have used.  I don’t know, but all in all it turned out pretty and functional! 

Oilcloth Wet Bag/Clutch

My newest project was done up during nap time today with some oilcloth I had lying around. I spotted a tutorial from Dana at Made about an oilcloth clutch she made for her daughter to use as a stylish wet bag at school. I thought that would be perfect for MJ’s daycare teachers to send home wet/poopy clothes in.

I adapted the tutorial to my own tastes and supplies. I don’t have any bias tape so I finished the edges by sewing them under. I also favor bags with boxed/square bottoms on them so I found a quick tutorial (just google) and taught myself how to do it!

It turned out a bit smaller than I wanted, so plan to make another one only bigger.  This one was done using Dana’s measurements but turned out the size of a purse…it would work for a little while but once M gets over a year or has more than one accident in a day it’ll be too small. 

Here’s a couple pics!